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Car Window Tinting | Slatington, Palmerton, Lehighton, PA

mobile car window tinting in slatington, PA

This customer contacted us about window tinting on his Mini Cooper S model. So we went over a few options about the different types films we carry from Llumar and Huper Optik. And we discussed the difference between ceramic window tint & non ceramic window tint. So we went with our color stable series window film from Llumar. This film has amazing clarity, black coloring & durability to it. This film is 1 of 3 in the industry that it colored throughout the whole piece of film. Unlike lower grade products that just add a layer of color to them. So we drove out on location to slatington,PA to do a mobile window tint install. This car received 30% on the front windows and 20% on the rear of car. Llumar window film come with a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, Blistering, Color change and fading. And we back it window our 1 time no fault warranty.

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