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Ford Mustang Gets Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint | Kutztown, PA

Kutztown, PA

This customer contacted us at The Tint Group about get his 2011 Ford Mustang Coyote California edition tinted. So we went over a few different options. We went with the ceramic CTX from llumar. This mid range ceramic window film has excellent heat rejection properties and won't interfere with electronic devices or gps units. We offer a wide range of different shade of window film. These different shades of darknesses of film will reduce glare and heat at different performance numbers according to which shade and techology you pick. We carry 5-15-20-30-35-40-50-80%

BENEFITS: Privacy, Reduced glare, Safety & Security, 99% UV protection, reduce heat entering vehicle.

WARRANTY: This window film carries a lifetime warranty & a inhouse no fault warranty

CONTACT US: 610-737-7507 for a free quote or to schedule an appointment.


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