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"Experience Ultimate Comfort & Protection with HUPER OPTIK Nano Ceramic"

Nano Ceramic Series

Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Film is a revolutionary window tinting product featuring patented German technology for ultimate heat rejection, 99% UV protection, and 4k optical clarity. The sleek Euro shimmer look of the film gives a stylish finish to any window.

Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Film is available in both 35% and 45% to ensure maximum visibility while still providing superior heat rejection. You won't find a better window tinting product than Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Film.

Image by Brecht Denil

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Ceramic Features

  • Amazing heat rejection properties for an more comfortable driving experience

  • 99% UV Protection with an SPF 1200 Rating

  • 4k Optical Clarity

  • Dye Free Technology 

  • Crisp Euro Look

  • Mild Reflective Shimmer

  • Lifetime Warranty

Pricing subject to change based on year, make, model and difficulty of vehicle

2 Front Doors - $220
2 Door Car - $400
4 Door Car - $600    
Full windshield - $280
Mobile travel fee $60

Available in 35, 45%

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