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Protect yourself & home furnishings

Extend the life of your home furnishings, hardwood floors with window films from MadicoHuper Optik. They will help keep things looking brand new over the years. This films are rated to reduce damaging UV rays by 99%. Contact us today to get protected from the sun. 


Protecting office furnishing & store merchandise 

By reducing harmful UV rays entering your commercial office building or store front windows. You'll have peace of mind that you'll be protected as well as the furnishings, merchandise that fill the space and the workers/customers that enter the building. Contact us today for more info and a free quote. 


Home protection that will save you $$$

Adding UV protection window film to your home windows will greatly reduce the damaging effects from the sun. These films will preserve your hardwood floors, paintings, living room furnishings just to name a few. Top of the line films from Huper Optik & Madico will reduce harmful UV rays by 99% entering your home windows. Give us a call today to get protected.

UV Protection for hardwood floors. Allentown, PA
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