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Heat & Glare Reducing Window Film For Home Windows | Quakertown, PA

Window tinting for homes in Quakertown, PA

This home owner reached out to us about a heat and glare issue coming threw his upper home loft area windows. After going over a few options we decided to go with Huper Optik Fusion 28%. This window film will reduce 57% of the heat entering the dual pane windows and cut glare by 70%.

SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON: The 2 windows on the left have window film applied to them and the 2 windows on the right have no film on them. As you can see the dramatic difference in glare being reduced creating a more comfortable environment.

UV PROTECTION: All the window films we carry from Huper Optik filter out 99.9% harmful uv rays. These window films will increase the life of your interior home furnishings. Protect carpets, hardwood floors from fading.

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