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Mobile Window Tinting Services. Allentown, PA

The Tint Group offers mobile tinting services to the Lehigh valley and surrounding areas.

Do you have a busy work schedule and are unable to leave work or home? We got you covered.

Mobile window tinting requirements.

  1. Indoor clean garage space

  2. Good garage lighting

  3. Temperatures above 50 degrees

  4. Service fee $40.00

As you know we do not tint outside. Due to dust, pollen and other debris that float in the air that could potentially end up under the film. We cut everything precise handle cut and use special techniques and tricks to where we never even have to put a blade to your cars glass. Risking cut seals, glass etc..... We will actually explain the whole process and let you observe in person. So feel free to ask any questions you may have. We don't mind at all.



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